Inspirational Mom: Go For It!

Inspirational Mom: Go For It!

I’ve heard it said many times over, “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” -Andy Stanley.

I’ve shared this quote on my own Facebook page and I’ve seen it make it’s rounds a time or two. I agree that sometimes in the midst of motherhood it can feel like wiping faces and sweeping cheerios doesn’t make you an inspirational mom. It can be easy to get lost in the day to day routine and forget that raising our children for the glory of God is truly one of the greatest contributions to the Kingdom! Moms who are doing this, you are such an inspiration!

Still, I saw this quote again following a series of events and it made me stop and ponder. This is an actual conversation I had with myself. “Does that mean that I shouldn’t chase after my dreams? Maybe I should just stop and focus on raising my boys. But, what if someday I tell them I had this dream but I refused to chase it because of how I interpreted some quote on the internet?”

I had a conversation with my own mom the other day about an “idea” or a “dream” that she was really passionate about but pushed aside. I looked at her and so much compassion and wonder stirred up in my heart. What if she had actually pursued this thing? What held her back? Did she not believe she was capable? Really, what if she sought after this thing with all of her heart? What could have been?

That same night I picked up a book we had borrowed from the library about astronaut Scott Kelly. As I read this to the boys, I choked back tears. Scott took the time to write about how his own mother had inspired him to greatness by chasing hard after her dream of becoming a police officer. She became one of the first female cops in New Jersey and through her hard work and determination, she taught Scott and his twin brother, Mark the beauty of dreaming big.

I Have a Dream, Do You?

What if I decide to just give up? What if the tiny dream that has been tucked away in my heart stays locked away? I could cave to fear, uncertainity, and concern for what others might think. Then someday, when my sons ask me why I didn’t pursue my dream, I have to give them an answer.

What will you tell your children? It was too hard. I was too scared. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think it really mattered. It really wasn’t that important. Raising you mattered more.

Please hear me, I am not arguing with that last statement. There really is nothing more imporant than raising our children for the pleasure of our Lord. What I am saying, is that raising them while we also pursue our dreams may just inspire them to pursue their own.

Maybe we could teach them to do it, even if it’s scary or seems impossible. I desperately want my boys to know that there are no limits to what they can achieve. Whatever dream or goal they set out after is possible because God makes it so. In the midst of all that dreaming and pursuing and chasing after I want them to have total reliance on God. If there isn’t anything else that chasing after my own dream teaches them, this alone is enough.


The Purpose of This Blog

Arrows on Purpose serves as a tool to encourage and uplift mothers as they raise their children intentionally. We must point our babies out into the world with precision and guidance. We have to show them Jesus and shoot them straight at God’s heart. But, what I believe about God matters in this whole process too.

If there is a dream in my heart, Who put it there? God.

Keeping it tucked away, does it serve God and does it demonstrate God’s amazing grace and authority over my life?

Will I choose to believe God for the purposes in which He created me? Which then teaches my children to pursue the purpose that God also gives to them.

This sets my heart on fire! I want them to see their frail, weak, very human mama succeed because of God. To God be the glory!

The Finished Product

When all is said and done and you have finished the race you set out to win you will be able to look your child in the eyes and say, “Yes, you can. You can because, I did.” Imagine holding that sweet face in your hands, tears streaming down your cheeks as you share your story of healing, redemption, or success. The goodness of God and the tenderness of His mercy and love poured out on you, sweet friend, so that you can pour it out into your children. We accomplish nothing without Him and everything for Him.

All of it so that we can inspire our children to live lives that are dedicated to Jesus and all that He has planned for them. Friend, we were created to thrive, not merly survive. If you have a dream and you aren’t sure if it’s your own or if it’s from God, ask Him. Ask Him to take it away if it’s not His will. Take this cup, not my will but Your’s be done. If He takes it, let Him. If the fire burns, chase it.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Mom: Go For It!

  1. Hi cindy
    I see your very very in to jesus. the beauty of this is that it makes life very magical. What I mean by that is when you just carry out chores day in and day out this can lead to emotional fatigue with the tedium of mundane work. But practicing ever present ever new christ consciousness(love of jesus) is so rewarding in its own way. Motherhood can be very hard considering the complexity of life. Now motherhood can be very sweet if you also embrace the holy spirit. many may not know why you are so into God. But I think you feel that it gives you great inner joy knowing that you have a powerful shield against Doomshadow(birth, old age, disease, and death). Thank you for this spiritual sweet article. Amen.

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