5 Things That Will Motivate You

5 Things That Will Motivate You

I was challenged by a friend today to come up with some motivational topics to discuss. I have to admit I was less than thrilled about this idea, at first. There may have been some eye-rolling and mumbling involved. Not because I don’t enjoy motivational content. I definitely do! My first knee-jerk reaction was that I didn’t have anything valuable to share. Oh, when will that negative, self-condemning voice in my head learn to shut up? I took this to God in prayer and just like always, He delivered. These 5 things that will motivate you poured out of me like a cool drink from the Holy Spirit.

1. Health


Your health and the health of those you love most should motivate you. What you put in and on your body can either harm you or help you. So many of life’s ailments can be prevented or cured by the foods we consume. Have you ever heard the phrase, “food is medicine?” I believe this is true with all I have. I’m not opposed to the occasional special treat or Friday night pizza. Everything in moderation can be okay. But, for the majority of our meals, we should be striving to eat food that is alive. If God made it, eat it. Your living body deserves to consume living fuel! Eliminating the amount of pre-packaged foods we eat can become a huge catalyst in our health. If you feel tired, sluggish, prone to illness or headaches, and/or have achy joints take a good hard look at your diet. Small changes daily can turn into long-term healthy habits. Don’t forget the importance of drinking water too! You were created to thrive not merely survive.

2. Wealth

Money is a motivator for many people. Some people can’t get enough of it. Some people never have enough of it. Some people are terrible at managing it and some people seem to have a really good handle on it. The truth is in 2018 the average American household carried $137,063 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve. Yet the U.S. Census Bureau
reports that the median household income was just $59,039 last year, suggesting that many Americans are living beyond their means. We live in a consumer society and we have been led into slavery as sheep chained to our debt. This angers and motivates me! I do not want to be a slave to money. I want my money to work for me! I have a hunger to become completely debt free so I can use my money for 2 things. 1. To have as many experiences as possible and create memories with my people and 2. So I can give and give and give. I want to give to the widow, the orphan and the poor and in doing so fulfill the commandment, “love thy neighbor.”

3. Faith


Faith is what keeps you up when you feeling like falling down. Faith is confidence of what we hope for and assurance of what we believe. Hebrews 11:1. Everyone has faith in something. If you don’t believe there is a God, you are putting your faith in this belief. Faith requires action. Faith should motivate us to get up each day refined from yesterday’s experiences and improve. Faith helps us believe that our challenges, trials, and tribulations are for a purpose and that God creates beauty from ashes. Faith reminds us that we are not just a lump of leftover clay but that we are shaped and re-shaped for a purpose by an intentional and loving God.

4. Time


We only have so much time. Time is limited. None of us knows how much time we have on this Earth. We do however know that we have 24 hours in a day. How we choose to use this time matters. It does. Spending our time mindfully leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. We all have moments where we mindlessly scroll through Facebook but have you every tracked how much time you spend doing this? How we spend our time is how we spend our lives. Ask yourself what you want people to say about you once you are gone and be that person. Spend time doing those things and invest your time into the people and things that are important to you.

5. People

I find that people are generally good. Most people are kind and want to do the right thing. People are also hurting. Many are sad, broken, angry, frustrated or hurting in one way or another. I don’t know what you have to offer, but you do have something. People are worth investingthat something in. Invest in your spouse and in your children. Invest time and energy into a worthwhile friendship. Get involved in your church and love on the people around you. Seek out community and make relationships a priority. We all want love and acceptance. Look people in the eye, listen to them and meet them where they are. Valuable relationships are treasures on earth. There is nothing more important.

These are 5 things that will motivate you. Motivate you to work, to love, and to take action. The world needs you. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” Friend, God created you intentionally for purpose! Let that motivate you.


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